Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Short Apnea – A Short Apnea (2011)

/Noise, Experimental rock, Drone rock, Avant-rock. Leftfield, Spoken word, Experimental indie/

Comment: Neon Paralleli is an Italian label whose discography involves many avant-garde gems being relevant today and will obviously be relevant tomorrow either. A Short Apnea`s eponymous release is one of such albums (initially it was recorded in 1999 on Beware! and Wallace Records). More profoundly, the 10-track issue is built upon humming drones, different noises, pulsating electronics, some spoken word snippets in Italian and reverb drenched guitar chords which are there to conjure up different patterns from relatively clear-cut guitar progressions to more mysterious ambiances and neurotic studies ready to sustain thought-provoking feel and tickling suspense. In a word, it is a sophisticated one for your brain and soul.  
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