Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clockwork Keyboard – Da Da EP (2011)

/Drill and bass, Noise, Experimental electronica, Jungle, Breakcore, Psychedelic electronica/

Comment: actually it is quite problematic to say is it a collection of sounds which is either to constitute a labyrinth or is it a miscellany of sounds to be over there to drift across the maze built up there before it. This 6-track issue can be considered a sort of interactivity which result is a frantic mix resorting to wild, elliptical beats, rattling rhythms and their bewildering drifts and sultry conversions. Furthermore, regarding the last elements in its intensity the release chimes even like sampledelic and sound collage based one. Clockwork Keyboard is the collaboration act between Craig Gillman and Joachim Rontxelius (at least was while producing this EP).          
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