Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mudlark – Zimdahl (2014)

/Math rock, Art rock, Epic, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Post-rock, No Wave/

Comment: Wood And Wire is a fine Australian label whose catalogue is a part of those labels thought for distribution of cutting edge music produced on the Green Continent. Mudlark is a fine example of how merge avant-garde tendencies with math rock and post-rock bottoms in an organic way. More concretely, Zimdahl encompasses lots of majestic overdrives embellished with hi-hat sounds, clockwork-alike and electronic effects, repetitive sonic patterns and angular yet delay-enriched guitar chords and there are up many interactions between guitars and rhythm sections. Undoubtedly such kind of music does have more similar characteristics with academic circles than pop-oriented guitar pop bands. Still it sounds somewhat poppy in a strange and otherworldly way (similarly to Mice Parade, for instance).  It is truly artsy and marvellous created for the listener`s sake who likes music. In a word, it is a very mature work with a lot of depth.
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