Saturday, November 8, 2014

Golgotha Communications Ltd. – Wine, Women and Song Pt2 (2014)

/Avant-garde, Avant-industrial, Microtonal, Experimentalism, Non-music, Musique concrète, Minimalism, Drone, Micronoise, Acousmatics, Psycho-acoustic/

Comment: Golgotha Communications Ltd. is a Philadelphia, US-based collective, having been active since the mid-90s. Wine, Women and Song Pt2 is the second compartment of the Wine, Women and Song trilogy. There are up three long-running compositions, the first of them, One, is made up of sizzling noises, microtonal parallel worlds, demented vocal samples and dialogues etc. Despite its intensity it results in a charmingly lethargic output due to the use of calming loop. However, by its provocative and challenging manner and taking on some similar shifts in form the combo´s result can be compared with another US-based legend Big City Orchestra`s some works, for instance. Unarguably it is a “heavy” track due to its schizoid nature. The following The Erin Fraud represents remarkably more clear and sheeny sound sheets, though the droning of it resounds signally louder and jarring but also in a majestic, spaced-out and epic way. The notch represents decorously the storeyed tradition of American drone and minimal music since La Monte Young. The result of the finishing track Three is relatively similar to the first one because of keep exploring obsessively on those glitch-filled noises, though adding some concrete music morsels, chamber/neoclassical music elements and ethnic singing to the melting pot. The development is open as if would invite you to step into it. However, the last third of the track is decidedly turned aside with the assistance of unison related singing and rhythms which in turn would be mashed up and subjected to offset, elliptic loops. All in all, Golgotha Communications Ltd`s score is wondrous and fascinating.               
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