Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shamane – Hypercamp (2013)

/Ambient techno, Vaporwave, Seapunk, Industrial techno, Experimental techno/

Comment: Shamane`s 10-track issue provides a dense mix of experimental and industrial-tinged techno rhyhms harking back to the legacy of Autechre and Throbbing Gristle and on the other side providing more contemporary oneiric progressions in the style of vaporwave and seapunk, though, at a more buried level. In true, at times these synth layers used to evolve into remarkably gloomy atmospheric outputs or using a less emotional language. Although the album is rhythm-based it is not a sort of dance music by its nature at all – it is insistently experimental and explorative and emphatically bit oriented and on the other side it used to talk to us a little tongue-in-cheek (for instance, involving some “ironic” sounds being slightly disjointed out of the context). All in all, the result is thought-provoking and challenging.              
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