Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nomsei - Epos of Loneliness (2014)

/Post-rock, Post-metal, Crossover, Baroque pop, Epic, Alternative pop, New Age, Art pop/

Comment: by listening to this 8-track album it can insist that loneliness is a beautiful quality on its own. In spite of some presumptively depressive titles the whole is an exemplar of wide-range beauty whose focus is spotted upon different even disparate directions or using multi-coloured canvas – from majestic post-rock tumult and suggestive post-metal progressions and mind-blowing baroque pop whiffs to more contemplative arpeggio-centred guitar compositions and wide-screen panoramas revelatory of ambient/New Age music and hinting at intriguing electronic fringes. Furthermore, there are even up some references to flamenco music which is not surprising at all because of the artist comes out of Spain. However, frequently the aforementioned elements are seamlessly mixed up. All in all, it is one of the albums in 2014.         
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