Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lycia – Fifth Sun (2010)

/Ethereal Wave, Shoegaze, Epic, Darkgaze, Alternative pop, Goth, Dark Wave, Dream pop/

Comment: My first impact with Lycia`s sound happened in 2004 and it was love at the first sight. I had listened to somehow similar music before it (for instance, Slowdive) but Tempe, Arizona-based collective`s sound was more special and spellbinding because of being so organically draped in gloomy veils and velvety curtains. Indeed, Lycia represents disturbed dreams and hyper realistic beings who have nothing to do the human being`s produced idiocy and evilness. Stylistically Mike Van Portfleet-headed combo was a link between ethereal wave and shoegazer`s enterprise. This 8-track album continues the same pathway and being as impressive as their previous albums – it is called the experience. In true, it might be it is a little bit more straightforward than their previous albums but it is not the case. Mike Van Portfleet is not singing on it anymore – all the singing duties are commissioned to her husband Tara Vanflower.            
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