Monday, October 6, 2014

Klaten – Klaten (2011)

/Electro pop, Breakcore, Modern classical, Hi-NRG, Trap, Kitsch, Glitch electro, Alternative dance, Sampledelic, Experimental electro/

Comment: Klaten`s self-titled issue is about searching for balance between suggestive harmonies and rhythmic structures keen to experiments and new outputs. Repetitive, even slightly obsessive broken beats, galvanized cadence tops, glitch-y noise washes and acidic harmonies on the top used to get propulsive impulses from Detroit and Cologne. However, Klaten likes to experiment with disparate kind of sounds at the first sight. For instance, Le Globo is embellished with classical music samples thus providing a more baroque edge to the whole. It is produced in an adept way, however, revealing also a humorous aspect within it. The opening track Connes Sequences is an example of infantile kitsch-y-glitch-y splice. Mirlifore does expose a catchy disco hook, and The Bends is a dizzy micro-sample based jazz and big band oldie`s crossover. And so forth and so forth. Especially the second half of this 12-track issue is a frantic cerebral party. The Paris-based author himself classifies the sound as choupi-core. Anyway, by watching the listening times at Lastfm it can say Klaten`s music waits to be discovered and properly estimated. Having a little more than 1,000 times afforded by the listeners over there is a bare fact of being underrated shamefully. By the way, the album was the first notch in the discography of Darling Dada, a French experimental but eclectic record label.          
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