Friday, October 10, 2014

Ghost Orbs – Magie Noire (2010)

/New Weird America, Psych-folk, Garage rock, Psychedelic rock, Crossover, Alternative rock, DIY, Free folk/ 

Comment: Ghost Orbs is a collective from Brooklyn, New York, USA and Magie Noire seems to be their only glimpse so far. Although their 10-track release has a 13-minute length only the release is remarkable due to its unusual blend of ecstatic free folk twangs and dizzy garage rock elements. Undoubtedly the group draws inspiration from blues music, especially being as a template to add more power into the sonic pot. Indeed, it oozes out vast power at any key and provides an innumerable bunch of chord changes in addition to it. Howling singing as a main component on it does change into nervous and spastic expression sometimes thereby assuring a dynamic impulse throughout the whole. Another main facet on it is an enjoyable interaction between tinny, cellophane-alike guitar sounds and highly rampant drumming. The result is enjoyable and worth to be repeated.                             
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