Friday, October 24, 2014

Björk - Live @ Great Hall Of Science, Queens, New York, USA, NY (02-12-2012)

/Electronic pop, Art pop, Singer-songwriter, Avant-folk, Live session, Art folk/

Comment: Icelandic diva Björk`s gig includes 19 tracks, most of them are taken from the album Biophilia (2011) which was produced by exploiting more or less conventional instruments (tablet computer, using a system of applications, Tesla coil, harp, sharpsicord). Although there were performed some of her most known compositions (Hyperballad, You`ve Been Flirting Again) most ones were related to her late period issues. The stylistic range was wide – extending from grandiose electronic pop to more harp-driven, Borealis-sheeny folk progressions. As we already have figured out Björk is an event irrespective of how she is involved in. Listen to it and let it to overwhelm you.  
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