Friday, September 19, 2014

Joxfield ProjeX - Mystery Of The Stoned Pharaoh

  • Psychedelia
  • Kosmische Musik
  • Avant-rock
  • Experimentalism
  • Psych-rock
  • Avant-garde
  • Experimental rock
  • Avant-prog
  • RIO
  • Alternative dance
  • Electronic

Comment: this 7-track issue ending up at 24.16 is the fourth notch in a series of 9 Joxfield ProjeX archives EP. The compositions are edited from the Swedish combo`s three disc album The Pond Intermezzo initially released in 2006. Mystery Of The Stoned Pharaoh proves that every album by the duo of Oax and Yan is a proper event. Brooding compositions based on hirsute and complicated guitar chords or noisy outcomes are varied with more danceable, volatile endeavours and warped modifications of electronic music and vocals and knee-deep psychedelic insights. I recommend listen to their late albums as well, most of them were issued on Clinical Archives and some of them by the duo themselves. By the way, on some publications they collaborated with such luminaries as Kenji Siratori, Geoff Leigh, and Pat Mastoletto. Enjoy this psychedelic carnival of sounds and impulses.
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