Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jazz Friends – Autumn Leaves (2013)

  • Nu jazz
  • Mood music
  • Chillout
  • Acid jazz
  • Art music
  • Easy listening
  • Smooth jazz
  • Downbeat

Comment: this miscellany of 9 tracks issued approximately 10 ten months ago is relevant at the moment either. In fact, it may behove for any time. The smorgasbord  starts off with a fabulous regatta pop example by Roberto Daglio combining together easy-paced cognition, 70`s ending jazz progressions reminding a little bit of Miles Davis, and Jaan Kuman, for instance. However, in addition to it there are represented also jazz-induced mood music, more art music progressions, smoky downbeat shuffles, and more contemporary electronic/acid/nu jazz grooves and hovers. In a word, it guarantees to the listener good feeling and pleasant state of mind. Beyond Roberto Daglio there are represented Stefano Mocini and Liquid Frame, JAZ, PeerGyntLoboGris, Liquid Frame, DavidKBD, Nujazz Trio, Thorvald Odin, and Lino Del Vecchio.                 

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