Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hox Vox – Suffer (2013)

  • Avant-prog
  • RIO
  • Alternative dance
  • Crossover
  • Synth-rock
  • Leftfield
  • Electro-rock
  • Art rock

Comment: talented avant-garde/prog-man, conceptualist, multimedia functionary, lonely wolf Gianluca Missero has been cheering up the listener during the last 5-6 years with a numerous of albums. Missero`s music is an amalgamation of different aspects, though, it seems his soundscape has changed in a way to afford more dodges and dashes toward the future on. Suffer is a sufficient instance of it – mandatory rock in opposition`s elements used to intersect with Latin sounds, electronic and dance music facets, concrete music and…a pure sexual intercourse (Desire). Mostly all of that used to be performed offhand and laid down in some seconds. Moreover, Missero has positioned himself very close and very far to the epicentre of pop music at the same time. Call it compelling impulsiveness.                   

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