Nick Z.Gibarian - Mule Cartoon (2012)


/Experimental electronica, Psychedelic, Alternative, Leftfield, No Wave, Avant-pop, Noisetronica, Repetitronica/

Comment: Gibarian`s 9-piece issue bases on a sonic blueprint wherein hard-edged, abrasive electronica is suffused with faint psychedelic vibes and repetition-heavy progressions thereby reminding of some krautrock-esque approaches entirely based on electronic devices and machines. Or the No Wave concept with regard to Suicide. On the other side, the chiptune/tracker music/bitpop concept dwells quite nearby. Indeed, any track coming out from within the set chimes like an enormous loop of signals, blips-bleeps and high frequencies. Maybe the tracks like Flying Valve Mule, and The Molecule Walking Machine (Left Part) are the exceptions on the strength of more danceable vibes, though, again, wrapped up in the steely swathes of sound. the rest of the material is a tiny bit more abstract. However, one of the strengths of the release is tension between peripheral noises and an overt pop feel (obviously thanks to the aforementioned psychedelic shades). Figuratively it appears like a dance of molecules coming out through the metallic blood vessels of robots. In a nutshell, the more you listen to it the more charm and magic come out of it.