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Nicht Rio - Title Turtle (2011)


/Improvised music, Electro-acoustic, Experimentalism, Live session, Avant-garde, Musique concrete, Acousmatics/

Comment: Lionel Malric (prepared piano), Yannis Frier (table guitar, amplified objects), Sebastien Bouhana (drums, percussions) are being a part of the Grand Chahut Collectif. This session was shot during their first tour in 2010 while the trio was travelling in the South of France with a hundred-year-old baby grand piano. They shared the stage with the likes of Sébastien Cirotteau, Emmanuel Cremer, Charles Fichaux, Bastien Pelenc, Heddy Boubaker, Olivier Germain-Noureux and Laurent Rochelle. However, their introducing gig as a trio was performed in the Notre-Dame Chapel in Fabrezan at the "Son MiRé" festival. More profoundly, the particular session does last approximately an half-hour being filled in with squeaking bits, intriguing signal-tweaked effects, buffoonish turns and detours, a little whistling sounds and surrounding dense ambience therefore honouring the kind of electro-acoustic, acousmatic and concrete music. By describing the impulses of the track the listener can detect a course getting grow more intense and noiseful with every subsequent step the ensemble is taking toward the final seconds.