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Radio Royal - RRDL01 (2012)


/Avant-garde, Experimentalism, No Wave, Psycho-acoustic, Improvised music, Noise, Krautrock, Experimental electronica, Sound art, Psychedelia/

Comment: aarrghh, this 7-piece issue is an erratic blend of psychedelic and spaced-out propulsions, chameleonic improvisation sections, psychotic squeezing noise forays, mesmerizing repetition-heavy electronica, however, ideologically resulting from the tradition of early electronic days (regarding the academic or classical music circuits) and the synthesis-induced krautrock alchemy (Conrad Schnitzler, Roedelius-Moebius) and the tradition of NY, California and Chicago-based improvised noise and sound art (Big City Orchestra, Borbetomagus, Tuxedomoon, The Residents). Highly convincing and one of the most impressive albums in the year of 2012 indeed. In a word, it is holy madness.