Golgotha Communication Ltd. - Vindictive Patent Vol. II (2011)



/Post-industrial, Ritual music, Avant-garde, Experimental electronica, Abstract electronica, Minimal, Drone, Repetitronica, Non-music, Illbient/

: Golgotha Communication Ltd. is a Philly-based experimental trio (Josef K-rpovski, Penny Petticoat, GRECO-NORWEGIAN) which can freely be considered a cult combo who have issued a shitloads of tapes, CDRs, and net albums during a lifespan of 11-12 years. Because of including more than 30 tracks the album shall have to be considered a magnum opus of experimental music, however, being strongly influenced by proto-industrial nihilism and murky modulated ambient and electronica as if were surrounded by a huge amount of ghosts and bad memories. In a word, it is a weird shit. GC`s approach is mostly minimalist because of having based on repetitive loops and shapes which seems to be creepy and malignant. On the other side, the trio showcases itself by a more joyous point of view now and then, providing a ritualistic set of bouncy paces in its idiosyncratic manner which used to be far away from possible pop centers, though. At times the concept is relied with hazy ambient flickerings (Orner of the Solar Cankle), or quite conventionally oscillating drone pop (Broad Forth). The album draws parallels upon such occult legends as Big City Orchestra, early Cabaret Voltaire, The Residents, and Coil. A retrofuturistic, politically incorrect statement by any means.