slept. - on a bright day (2011)

/Ambient, Ambient noise, Microsound, Guitar ambient, Abstract electronica, Avant-electronica, Soundscapes, Electro-acoustic, Dystopbient, Glitch ambient, Minimalism/

Comment: I can remember exactly for my first experience related with Lukasz Wegrzyn`s music (self-titled EP) happened in approximately 2 years ago. In the meantime LW has issued 2 releases (Torpor EP; Feather EP) in addition to it. This 7-track album is a masterpiece and one of the albums in 2011 for sure. It consists of minimal, restraint and blissed-out ingredients as if re-creating hidden memories to experience bittersweet perceptions and visions. Majestic ambient monoliths are set at a distance while sharp glitch shards are positioned to move on along the front line. By running on sparse, remote wastelands you can perceive some noisy yet somehow laid-back maelstroms, buzzing drones, effortless chord changes. In any cases, the album can be considered as an ideal vision of ambient music.