Friday, June 8, 2018

Elpha – 17 Seventeen (2018)

  • Modern classical 
  • Post-classical 
  • Ambient 
  • Electronic music 
  • Crossover 
  • Art music 
  • Soundscape 
  • Glitchtronica 
  • Piano music 
  • Experimental electronica

Comment: this set of 10 tracks is something beyond everyday life. By principle, the art is something by standing immensely higher than just solving the main needs like food, water, and shelter on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Of course, more refined needs in the hierarchy like self-transcendence are actually related to it as well. A musical (or the other kind of acts of the art) act as an ultimate goal to be created which is much bigger than life of its creator because it will have been lasting (after his/her life as well). It is as a goal, not having value as an instrumental event. Moreover, the creative act is something which parallels the human being to God (as the ultimate, pure creator). Because of that any creative act is highly religious. Furthermore, the artist fosters your dreams and reflects upon your wishes through minimally progressing noises, throbbing electronic circulations and static electricity. It used to provoke and soothe, at times simultaneously, at times separately and subsequently. In any cases, the moment at a time is the most important thing on it. Undoubtedly all the glimpses will get the attention. Partially you hear lofty piano chords to create atmospheric spaces and hyper-realistic beauty to disintegrate the listener into it, at times electronic music driven maelstrom-alike threads conquer the soundscape. It chimes and has an impact upon the listener is such a way as if the artist from Japan could have taken a malfunctioning electronic device and broken piano to produce something thought-provoking and emotionally enchanting at the same time. Where is your very huge ego to be left aside during enjoying that masterpiece? Are you not able to find it out anymore? That's good. And there is the answer of why this issue stands beyond one's stress eaten life. An outstanding issue in the year of 2018.
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