Sunday, September 4, 2016

t e l e p a t h テレパシ – 能力者 – 向かい合って (2014)

  • Chillwave 
  • Seapunk 
  • Glo-fi 
  • Alternative 
  • Indie 
  • Mood music 
  • Future soul 
  • Soul 
  • Screwed and chopped 
  • Dreamwave 
  • Vaporwave

Comment: I guess such sort of music could be considered an example of contemporary slowcore even if the contemporary people would denote it with the following tags like chillwave, chopped and screwed, seapunk, vaporwave etc. The artist takes much time to present his state of mind through those drowsy and languid meanderings; the length of the pieces ranges from 8 minute to 56 minute (sic!). He is like a spider who likes to seduce the victim and then eat him/her. However, I couldn't resist it because boredom is conjured up in such a way as if converted into the fluid of cerebral chemistry. It is sticky and tight by its consistency being haunting due to those slowed down vocal deliveries and drum pads and guitar chords. In comparison to the aforementioned slowcore genre it is slowed down for twice at least, chiming more like a freaked out soul delegate from the future. Indeed, it sounds like a harbinger of future soul drifting across the one and the same thread. I guess Ariel Pink's first issues could have been sounded it that fascinating way if being slowed down. But it is not an important point in that case. Once again, I am enthralled by the branching of the physical boredom of austere chords and somehow haunting sensuality coming out of it. It is a sort of minimal music, isn't it. The minimal sort of music of the zombies with regard to the penultimate track, for instance. What will be the next big thing with regard to the production side? Maybe intense states of madness and fury to be stretched out and then converted into the sonic files? I guess it could be a reasonable way to give music another spin in a contemporary key. In truth, there are up some more overtly chilled-out compositions either where the twisted point is more repressed. In a nutshell, it is a wondrous issue, which obviously does have its own disciples as well. For example, listen to Florian Wahl's brand new one 14.
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