Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hello Soviet – Hello Soviet EP (2010)

  • Electronic music
  • Experimental pop
  • Leftfield
  • Robot pop
  • Electro pop
  • Alternative

Comment: I would welcome this 8-track issue but it is not understandable at all what does it mean the word Soviet in the recent context. If it is to be thought a former country called The Soviet Union and glorified it – fuck you, honestly. You don´t know what you are talking about you have not dwelled within the borders of this monster. This was a cruel, poor, trifling, anti-nostalgic time span in my life though I had experienced it consciously for five years only. What I could remember for this country of Red Plague that it was stolen by all because all were the poor ones and things were very limited and it was even morally justified to steal it (especially members of those nations who were occupied after WWII). Of course, there were some people who lived well, for instance, top members of the Communist Party who lived like the Olympic gods. Although a comrade called Vladimir Putin said the collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe during the 20th century but by my opinion I really hope it was something which will not happen never again by a stupid animal called the human being. But I am sure of 100 per cent it will happen and happens at the moment as well (in North Korea in the most perverted way). Of course, there has always been a shitloads of left-wing activists who have justified it while having no real life experience with it. However, Jossif Stalin the most even comrade among the even ones called them as useful idiots. Because of that I really hope the word was thought otherwise and ironically. Music is a half-dadaist collage of exaggerated sounds with inappropriate relations between different genres and currents. Undoubtedly it is electronic and acid fuelled where the synthesizers are wound up to generate sounds somewhere in the periphery between acceptable and deviated. Noise is aesthetically illegal, isn`t? At times the listener can enjoy the whiffs of psyched free jazz and kinky electronic modulations and theme transitions. Robotomy is a contemporary counterpoint to Kraftwerk`s classics. Otherwise the rest rings out like a "normal" issue. Get it and enjoy it.
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