Saturday, January 16, 2016

Guruzsmás - Fordítsd ki a szűrödet! (2015)

  • Sludge rock
  • Math rock
  • Balkan music
  • Surf rock
  • Doo mrock
  • Art rock
  • Crossover
  • World music
  • Experimental rock

Comment: if you are going to listen to this Hungary-based combo`s 9-notch just for one time it is obviously not enough to get proper vibration and grasp the sophisticated nature of the album. For instance, the trio`s outing starts off and finishes up with startling, roughly designed flute improvisations where one can see powerful pillars of synergy coming out of few yet craftily played instruments. It could be said the Guruzsmàs is obviously influenced by Balkan music motives though masterfully intermixing it with sludge and doom rock elements which in turn are often subjected to math rock algorithms (for instance, Nyitás a Kozmosz felé - Opening to the Cosmos). The favourite of mine is Misirlou because a sort of surf rock played with frenetic energy and a lot of key changes of involving ethnic motives. In a nutshell, it is a refreshing listening session where any clatter of the drums and bold vibe of the bass guitar and flicker of the guitar is thoroughly analysed and then thrown out into the feral blend. The listener is the object on the field there to perceive elemental power of the human aesthetic.
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