Saturday, January 16, 2016

Gorowski - The Gorowski Archives: Previously Unreleased Tuneage from the Archives 2005-2015 (2015)

  • Electronic dance music
  • Post-disco
  • Alternative dance
  • Breakbeat
  • Big beat
  • Electronic pop
  • Tech-house
  • Nu jazz
  • Electro pop
  • Psychedelic pop
  • Acid jazz
  • House pop
  • Acid house

Comment: the Netherlands-based WM Recordings has been one of the dwelling places for many mind-boggling artists. Marco Kalnenek`s headed imprint`s placard “where music is different” is absolutely relevant accommodating such artists as Roy “Chicky” Arad (the Israeli Eurovision song contest`s competitor in 2000), Jared C. Balogh, The Hathaway Family Plot, Chenard Walcker, Spheriot, Brunk, Keshco, and Phil Reavis among many other artists. Indeed, Marco Kalnenek had been involved in doings of another outstanding imprint, called Comfort Stand Recordings being a home place for such underground luminaries as Big City Orchestra, Dan deacon, and R Stevie Moore so one could say he cannot distinguish between solid and inferior bum. Gorowski`s miscellany of 15 composition embraces compositions being produced in a span of 10 year activity. Musically one could distinguish between different accents – from indie dance/acid house oriented frequencies to more electro and big beat oriented dance propulsions which now and then used to clash in one and the same track. Furthermore, tracks like Rush By Meadow, and Styley used to run on nu jazz-y vibes thereby implying a remarkably more intimate association within the piece. Hipster`s Call is a sublime indication of electronic dance music and post-disco which should have poisoned contemporary charts. Skipping To Hazana is soaked with elegantly negligent psychedelic ripples. Rhubarb is a more club dance oriented track because of drifting somewhere between house, techno, and breakbeat oscillations. Stargate Pumpkin is another mesmerizing composition which does have huge pop potential due to the shift between acoustic and electronic pop being overloaded by frantic energy. On the whole, one could perceive different phases in decent developing and moving on aesthetically. 
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