Monday, October 26, 2015

LFC – Vento Quente (2010)

/Space rock, Experimental rock, Improvised music, Weird, Blues rock, Experimentalism, Avant-rock, Post-rock, Guitar ambient, Dada music/

Comment: it was approximately one moth ago when I commented on The Chopittos Arkestra`s album Zavanardi Rising. Vento Quente is another album by Brazilian experimentalist Lucas Pastina whose 6-track issue is ploughed with guitar riffs, heavy moaning and heavy, sustainable reverberations within somewhere of ambient soup. On the other side, it is not pure sort of spaced-out rock/ambient because one could perceive Dadaist approach in Pastina`s concept. At times the music is accentuated with concrete sounds and powerful slams. More profoundly, it sounds like an example of noticeably skewed blues and hard rock tinged music to have appeared in the 10s. Because of that the Brazilian`s album can be compared with the likes of Frank Zappa, Johnny Crewdson (the constant member behind such crazy combo as The Hirundu) and Captain Beefheart additionally to Tore Elgaroy, fydhws, Glenn Brown, Dolores and other contemporary guitar fuelled ambient musicians. By the way, LFC does mean Lucas Fucking Crazy. Indeed, he deserves his name utterly. It is a stunning issue.
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