Monday, September 14, 2015

If The People Were Paper – Rotten Sugar (2008)

/Lo-fi, DIY, Anti-folk, Electro-acoustic, Psych-folk, Space folk, Freeformfreakout, Singer-songwriter, Ambient, New Weird America, Experimentalism/

Comment: I don`t know how should this handful of pieces be tagged for? Is it electro-acoustic music with plenty of folk music influences or vice versa? Or is it an ambient music album with remarkable inclination toward primitivism? Or is it a spoken word album with hints at spaced-out folk/rock music? Maybe even something else? However, the result is impressive in its madness loaded with desperate chants and freaky shrieks. At times the way is paved by the dada tradition fuelled brown noise produced bits. Indeed, it is the kind of songwriting coming out of a remote corner. For instance, Mountains is a solid folk song with some indirect grunge influences in the blend. The soundscape is rough due to primitive noises and echoes thereby giving it verve to change into an idiosyncratic punch. It can be said the album is almost being undiscovered so far (you can trace for only few listening times at Lastfm for instance). Furthermore, I was not able to figure out who is the person behind the project. There is no information about it. However, let`s find out the issue in the discography of Rack And Ruin Records. 

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