Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Shining Men – The Great Brain EP (2011)

/Avant-techno, Experimental techno, Minimal techno/

Comment: obviously many people know something about French electronic dance music (EDM) which used to be mainstream appealing and stadium sized. Obviously only few people know about the French imprint The 17th Son being active for seven years (2004-2011) by releasing underground-oriented techno music. For instance, The Great Brain EP is a fascinating outing because of drifting between minimally bouncing rhythms and hypnotic templates around it. Those aquatic refractions and off-beat synthesised gears within the compositions share some similarities with the artists originating from the Detroit techno scene (for instance, Drexciya). In a nutshell, the whole does surface a great vibe to stimulate the listener`s survived synapses. Art in techno. 
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