Friday, August 7, 2015

Cemetery Cemetery – Cemetery Cemetery

/Fuzz pop, Indie pop, Jangle pop, Dream pop, Shoegaze, Lo-fi, Alternative pop/

Comment: the first experience of mine with Santa Barbara, California, US-based quartet was being at the end of the 00s while I was avidly discovering the netaudio-based music (mostly at lastfm and later through Probably I came into contact with them thanks to the Borrowdeer Records related compilation which involves many artists representing diverse attitudes and persuasions (mostly alternative folk, free folk and electronic/indie fuelled starting points). The collective has been active in the first half of the 00s and this short-running, 7-tracks issue was issued in the meantime then (I was not able to find out the exact year of it). However, musically it is a charming chapter due to Tim Meyer`s soft vocal delivery and jangly guitar chords with DIY attitude which quite much resemble the aesthetics and opinions of artists related to Slumberland Records, an imprint from the same state, for instance. The release embraces catchy songs (for instance, I`ll See Your Key where Tim Meyer`s dreamy vocal is backed up by slightly murky keyboard chords and uplifting refrain; Thousands And Thousands involves many fab dodges and twists on the harmony and melody level due to sparkly guitar work, Meyer`s daydreamy vocal flow and slight keyboard vamp). Thanks to the issue I can rediscover myself to be an ardent classic indie pop fan. Ina word, it is a great and rare issue indeed.
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