Sunday, June 7, 2015

Modern - Untitled (2014)

/Experimentalism, Avant-garde, Improvised music, Acousmatic music, Post-industrial, Electro-acoustic, Abstract, Non-music/

Comment: by listening to it for the first time I could not figure out when it was produced. Was it created in the 70s or was it a recent one? Indeed, I rather thought it was an old school industrial outing from the 70s. Behind the project is J. Peterson from Arizona, USA being quite frugal with exploiting instruments/sonic packs to create these sounds. More it consists of industrial bangles and minimal electronic works which are subjected to improvisation music algorithms. At times these elements are varicoloured with sampled orchestrations as if creating polyphonic sensation. More concretely, these 4 tracks are up to encounter on the territories of electro-acoustic, free improvisation and industrial music. Fairly mind-provoking efforts indeed.
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