Sunday, June 14, 2015

FatCat + Õunaviks present: TMW 2015 (2015)

/Indie folk, Dream folk, New Weird, Folk indie, World music, Post-classical, Experimental electronica, Art music, Folktronica, Lo-fi/

Comment: the title of this 35-minute long issue hints at different subjects. Before anything else, it is related to such a musical event as Tallinn Music Week which main goal is to promote Estonian independent artists to invited foreign music promoters and other music business related people. However, the event consists of different compartments and sections where is a place for the artists outside Estonia either (mainly for the artists of Lihuania, and Latvia). FatCat is a well-known record label from UK and Õunaviks is an imprint for home recording artists in Estonia. This sampler will constitute a cohesive whole of folk tinged compositions. Some tracks are infused with more electronic fabrics, some are more traditional or world music oriented. Cirkl`s piece Malmö is a doo wop fuelled electronic masterpiece, Mirjam Tally`s composition Intro - Main Theme From Ülo Pikkov's Film Body Memory binds together post-classical compositional rationales with folksy whiffs. The most pre-eminent artist on it is Vashti Bunyan whose Across The Water is a wondrous trip through the eras and across the mystical plateaus. Additionally, there are represented such artists as Kago, C Duncan, Maarja Nuut, Mari Kalkun, and Spice Mouse.
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