Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pablie - Prelude To Anything Exactly Specific EP (2006)

/Sampledelic, Breaks, Hip-hop, Nu jazz, Alternative, Mood music, Crossover/

Comment: Pablie`s 5-track issue characterizes a sort of nowadays sampledelic music very well – cinematic jazz-based progressions based on hazy electric piano and lofty synthesizer chords and cool trumpet whiffs, skiddy hip-hop rhythms and soulful vocal pieces and soothing vocal layers and barely audible concrete sounds coming out from the streets. Indeed, as the music artist himself suggests this EP might be a prelude to anything exactly specific. I think if Miles Davis were born many decades later than his real birthdate actually was, he would make a quite similar music, for instance. Pablie is a producer from Barcelona, Catalonia. Eventually it can be admitted the result is astonishingly dream-provoking animating the listener`s emaciated psyche.  
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