Tuesday, May 12, 2015

OverClocked ReMix - Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber (2014)

/Chiptune, 8-bit, EDM, Remixes, Alternative rock, Fusion, Nintendocore, Mood music, Chipbreak/'

Comment: this 21-track miscellany involves many artists with disparate approaches/remixes ranging from orthodox 8-bit/tracker/nintendocore music templates to more moody and orchestrated progressions and organ driven jazz rock/fusion excursions, bouncy electronic dance music, cloudless film score induced compositions and even majestic guitar-based rock music. I guess this might be a sort of challenging sonorous smorgasbord for any plumber who is prone to take hold of more pretentious music rather than listening to this one which mostly come from the adult-oriented radio stations. More profoundly, eventually this creates the feeling you can perceive after an incisive rain torrent and at the time of the generation of a rainbow arch across the clouds. On these two discs are represented such artists as halc, Nutritious, Sole Signal, Tuberz McGee, Scaredsim, Brandon Strader, The Coop, prophetik, Fishy, Fratto, Mikeaudio, Argle, Sir Jordanius, Theory of N, G-Mixer, Electric Concerto,  
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