Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gamardah Fungus – Night Walk With Me (2013)

/Drone, Space rock, Post-rock, Epic, Dark ambient, Experimental rock, Improvised music, Avant-rock/

Comment: Gamardah Fungus is a musical project from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine whose 5-track issue is a spellbinding example of how to explore inner and outer space per excellence. Musically and sonically it embraces loads of aspects which in turn will constitute new elements and crossovers for the listener`s privilege. At times it sounds as if the wall of sound were invented by Jimi Hendrix because of those nervous guitar riffs represented there are tightly coated with spaced-out milieu and sublime noises. Furthermore, space rock explorations will meet with jazz-y woodwind pipe improvisations thereby exemplifying the feeling of how the extension of outer space would have had its trace and pace (arguably having it so far). At times guitar drenched improvisations and extensions (due to rich usage of delays and reverberations) are embellished with discontinued concrete sounds and spoken word whiffs thus amplifying mysterious feel on it. Subsequently I can assume the result is transcendental and beyond time. By kindred souls I recommend listen to such artists as fydhws, Tont, Tore Elgaroy, and Glenn Branca. The issue is a part of Hidden Vibes, an excellent Ukraine imprint dedicated to issue post-rock, modern classical and ambient music.            

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