Monday, March 16, 2015

Tinyfolk – Black Bears (2010)

/Indie folk, Singer-songwriter, Americana, New Weird America, Dream folk, Folk indie, Alt-folk, Lo-fi/

Comment: by listening to this album it can be said Russ Woods aka Tinyfolk has grown up sometime. On the other side, it does not mean at all that his previous albums were somehow inferior in quality. His 13-track album involves many mellow modern folk songs saturated with panoramic longing, full-fledged dreams, irony and many philosophical stances regarding life in general. The arrangements are thought and soul provoking and organic ones by exploiting different motives and instruments – from cinematically strumming guitars and ukuleles to visceral vowel backgrounds, reverb-driven yet restrained noise pop numbers (Amygdala) and electronic compositions (particularly fabulous Hello, This Is Tech Support). Russ Woods` vocal is frequently immersed in melancholy thereby giving it an irresistible reflection. By any means, it is a great album by the CLLCT related singer-songwriter/indie folk musician. The album is recorded and produced by another prominent CLLCT bound musician and co-Pretty Swan Jim Laczkowski (aka Garden On A Trampoline aka James Eric).               
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