Monday, March 16, 2015

Weinberger – Shades Of Bewilderment (2014)

/Avant-garde, Post-psychedelic electronica, Dada music, No Wave, Experimentalism/

Comment: the Austrian musician Johannes Leo Weinberger is not a nonsense man. I can remember for the first time when my way crossed with his compositions (the album Memorial from the year 2013 on Petroglyph). The artist`s outlet seemed to be restrained and artsy yet being highly abrasive at the same time. However, this issue is remarkably more deranged and wonky replete with an innumerable amount of dodges, polyrhythms and hints at different musical compartments and epochs. The result is truly weird and out of pop while elevating higher the listener`s blood pressure. There is up one track where he deconstructs a very well-known melody/theme. However, I guess it is nonsensical to count all these elements represented within this whole. You just must have listened to it.          
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