Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Starry Tides - One Lit Window EP (2006)

/Post-rock, Indietronica, Experimental rock, Mood music, Alternative rock, Art rock/

Comment:  The Starry Tides is the project of David Merson Hess who is also known as film music composer. It is a peculiar issue because of involving tracks being not longer than 3 minutes (the whole finishes off at 10.41). On the other side, it is a sort of post-rock music which tends to meander within many minutes from its starting point. Frequently guitar sounds are embellished with glitch electronic noises, vivid spoken samples (from the film scores?). By the way, the album is issued on his own record label Reverse Engine. In a word, the result is moody and revealing its abundant supply of fantasies.          

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