Friday, March 20, 2015

Quattroannidiversi – ViVeriVive (2015)

/Art rock, Indie rock, Singer-songwriter, Indie folk, Alternative pop, Post-punk/

Comment: ViVeriVive is an Italian record label who has recommended many Italian artists with disparate aesthetic interests and impulses to the world. However, this compilation of seven tracks by seven musical projects is more guitar and drum-heavy and many artists on it used to draw influences from seminal art punk, post-punk, and No Wave scenes. On the other side, some tracks on it are more restrained and folk-inclined ones. It is thought-provoking music performed in Italian. The are such artists as Zinalbo, Faro, Gio Fattoruso, Reazione Acustica, Rudolfo Toè, Il Nostro Tempo Violento, and Lullabier.   
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