Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bigcityorcheestrea - Child's Garden of NOIZE EP

/Experimentalism, Sampledelic, Avant-garde, Sound art, Toytronica, Spoken word, Weird, Radiophonic art, Psychedelic, Sound collage/

Comment: the California-based Big City Orchestra (or issuing music under other name derivatives like the recent one) is a master of shifting context and toying with disparate samples from the recent world and travelling back to mirror the music produced many decades ago. Indeed, the result is fairly weird filled with child`s singing, concrete sounds, spoken word snippets (involving ambiguous minds), and improvisations on toy instruments (by the way, the subtitle of the album is four songs for kids for noise all day). These 15 minutes used to chime like the radio drama at first blush although it obviously emits beyond the genre. Emotionally it is intimidating and amusing simultaneously to arouse your sensibility to the next level. By the way, the date of the issue is designated with the year of 1903. In a nutshell, BCO`s art is still inescapably enchanting. 
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