Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beko_cs02 (August 2010)

/Indie pop, Alternative pop, Indietronica, Electronic, Dream pop, Ambient pop/

Comment: as you can see a huge amount of stylistic tags above this compilation of 21 tracks embraces a lot of artists from the modern indie music spectrum. Mostly it is dominated by synthetic, keyboard percolated orchestrations and tenuous vocals. Indeed, the guitars do have a backseat role within the case. The miscellany was issued 5 years ago and it can say at the moment that some of these artists have gained popularity meanwhile and are solidly represented in most important webzines. For instance, Blackbird Blackbird, Porcelain Raft, Foxes In Fiction are those ones. Additionally there are represented such artists as Fluker Love, Black Coffee & Cherry Pie, Wizard Oz, Kites Sail High, Raw Moans & Party Trash, Petit Tambour, Cosmic Sound, Pandit, Liquid Days, Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Lay Bac, The Beauty, Vacation Dad, Mon Insomnie, The Cq, Hard Mix, Winter Drones, Coma Cinema. 
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