Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hiyohiyoipseniyo – al ARMA (2014)

/Sound collage, Avant-garde, Breakcore, Non-music, Experimentalism, Plunderphonics, Drill and bass, Freeformfreakout, Noise, Leftfield/

Comment: just AAA, just BBB. Just nothing more. Indeed, the album includes a pair of long-running compositions which will create a truly oddball impression about the project finally. More concretely, one sample is followed just by another, from spoken word ones and concrete sounds to incisive noise attacks, howling drones and skipped, even demented rhythms. The project used to add even cheesy Eurobeat/trance rhythms into the mix. Different dimensions will meet with each other very casually. Of course, many samples are processed but the result is thoroughly sampledelic indeed. The issue is released on the Barcelona, Catalonia based tape/web label NYAPSTER. Although the result might be exciting or frustrating (depending on the mood of the listener) it does not give a damn to you. For me it is truly fascinating.  
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