Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ester Poland – Sleipnir (2014)

/Post-metal, Kraut-metal, Psychedelic metal, Epic, Experimental metal, Noise metal/

Comment: although Ester Poland`s album is tagged as doom metal it is actually a little more or than just doom metal. It can be considered an example of metal music played with the approach of krautrock. More concretely, the Finnish duo`s (T. Vatanen, and L. Väinölä) album consists of 4 long-running compositions (up to 20 minutes!) each of them can be considered a chapter on its own. The whole sounds truly epically due to massive and incisive guitar riffs, static drones, psychedelic noises, and epic moaning full of spellbinding power and paralyzing noise. Sleipnir is obviously one of the best metal albums in 2014 so far.        
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