Friday, October 10, 2014

Milliseconde Topographie - Paperasses Èparses (2006)

/Glitch electronica, Musique concrète, Avant-folk, New Weird Canada, Drone folk, Modern classical, Glitch folk, Sound art, Experimental folk, Epic, Post-folk, Chamber folk, Folktronica, Electro-acoustic/

Comment: Milliseconde Topographie is the collaboration act between Montrèal residing musicians Nicolas Bernier and Delphine Measroch whose 2-track issue is a sublime instance of borderline folk music due profound dodges into glitch-y electronic explorations, and cello drones, providing chamber music inspired beauty and offering many flirtatious moments with concrete sound washes and electro-acoustic effects. Despite the duo`s musical complexity and segmentation in a formal sense the whole is adeptly structured and organically spliced. Furthermore, natural segmentation and ramification does not hinder them to wind up truly picturesque, even sublime moments. On the other side, the Bernier-Measroch`s clockwork can be seen by a more “ugly” aspect as a folk exemplar with some irksome “errors” and “disruptions”. The issue will be ended up by a barrel organ based soothing melody. All in all, the result is challenging and drenched with solace at the same time.                      
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