Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mikaere - Ending To Beginning (2014)

/Tech-house, House, Club dance, Deep house, Modern classical, Downtempo/

Comment: in Germany residing Canadian Michael Petit aka Mikaere is a talented guy to produce catchy and hypnotic house-inflected tracks with soulful vocal sampling and fabulous laidback feeling. It creates a cosy, homelike atmosphere with regard to exploiting vinyl-alike crackles and hypnotically bouncing beats beneath. However, Mikaere`s issue is not an instance of true-bred house grooves because of adding heavier downtempo-alike frequencies into the mix. Me and You is the exception due to delving into another world where a piano chord driven motive and progressions within it are superimposed to subtle hums and subdued hisses thereby reminding something coming out of the modern classical pigeonhole. In a nutshell, the outing is to the nines.                  
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