Monday, October 6, 2014

Jack Hertz- Night Songs (2013)

/Ambient, Space music, Soundscapes, Kosmische Musik/

Comment: the title of this 7-notch album is vivid in one sense – it is certainly about night, though, these compositions are far more than just bare ditties on the other side. More concretely, Hertz has created profound insights and visions with the assistance of sublime sonic perceptions and lingering frequencies of accelerating them into semi-culminations to depict unlimited outer space or at least higher layers within the atmosphere of Earth. However, at times Hertz sounds in a serene way as if all are being performed somehow in a hyper realistic environment. Of course, his spherical manner could be considered a contemporary counterpart to the 70`s Kosmische Musik and a bit later New Age-y concepts. The album can be compared with Scott Lawlor`s The Absence of Light Contains The Shadow of Loss (2004) recently reviewed at Recent Music Heroes which was produced in a similar way, though, being more drenched with human-centred psychic motes and feels. It is supposed to be listened while the day changes into midnight and the ghosts will appear and have full sway. Actually it is not true because this sound is beyond time and having no references to certain hours and minutes.       

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