Friday, October 3, 2014

ikul-a - Harmony Of Suffer (2012)

/Breaks, Hip-hop, Minimal techno, Deep techno, Electro-hop, Leftfield, Minimal electro/

Comment: behind this project and creation of a handful of instrumental pieces is such legend as Pasquale Maassen whose music consists of gritty and rigid rhythm spliced algorithms drenched with hypnotic motives and austere samples. Although the surface of Maassen`s paces is grainy the core of it includes dimension of barely perceivable, minimal changes thereby amplifying a highly catchy touch on it and adding an experimental edge to it. Maassen`s aesthetics is certainly influenced by glorious Detroit techno and electro scenes due to its repetitive patterns and laconic locution. Finally – let`s repeat the cliché once again – less is more. Nothing is fifth wheel on it. The more you listen to it the more it seduces you. It just must be in your computer!      

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