Sunday, October 19, 2014


/Glitchtronica, Experimental pop, Glitch techno, IDM, Experimental electronica, Indietronica, Art pop, Ambient, Ambient techno, Abstract, Glitch ambient, Glitch dub, Modern classical, Post-industrial, Electro-acoustic, Clicks`n`bleeps, Organic electronica, Dream folk, Crossover, Soundscapes, musique concrete, Ambient drone, Avant-electronica, Noise, Art pop/

Comment: by watching this list of a huge amount of tags wrote down above it implies a vary-coloured nature of this 16-track issue. Indeed, the main spots are `electronic` – ranging from refreshing alternative pop expressions and stereophonic fireworks to remarkably harsher, even abstract synthesised glimpses, with more or less bellying, protuberant rhythms; `ambient` - with or without drones, at times knee-deep and spacey, at times more morose, glitch-draped and noise-soaked; `classical` - at the time it does mean mutant classical music where the axial term is buried under other, electronic-induced elements. The only exception is a Finnish singer-songwriter, Violeta Päivänkakkara, though, make that this time her track (Sya; the compilation also includes the video version of it) chimes significantly more electronically than she commonly used to do. Additionally, there are represented such artists as sanmi, AUCHRE, Gallery Six, Rawpass, Senna, Makoto Masui, Nankotsuteacher, N-qia, --memor2, Yoshitaka Hikawa, SHOMOMOSE, Y:E:T, and gift. All in all, it is an excellent introduction to the Japanese label elementperspective. Great.               
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