Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beast, Please Be Still - Beast, Please Be Still (2007)

/Dark folk, Medieval, Americana, Post-folk, New Weird America, Indie folk, Drone folk, Folk indie, Art folk/

Comment: beast does not behave quite in a way how the title would like to see. More profoundly, this 7-track issue is an artsy interplay between silence and ascending and expanding (indie) folk numbers having hints at different folk music periods and locations – from hysterical, Arcade Fire-esque indie outbursts and joyous burlesque interludes to more restraint, even medieval/pagan folk-induced alike shards, beguiling Americana elegies and going to Appalachian at times. Even some post-rock alike scraps are presented in the periphery. The ordinary instrumentation is laced with compelling glockenspiels, overdriven synths and sublime accordions. Their soundscape is filled with emotive charge to the very last seconds of the issue. Beast, Please Be Still is a 7-head collective from Seattle, Washington whose music can be compared with the likes of Arcade Fire, Anahita, Espers, and Darkwood, for instance. In a word, it is an outstanding effort by any means.                      
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