Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bruno Susio – Blues Espresso (2014)

/Mood music, Easy listening, Jazz, Chill out, Regatta pop, Yacht pop/

Comment: Bruno Susio`s Blue Espresso is properly up-to-date because of chiming like a breeze in the midst of depressing autumnal darkness. It is a moody blend of light-weighted yet picturesque jazz progressions, easy-going chill music and cloudless yacht pop chords filled with slightly psychedelic and artsy brass facets here and there. However, by harmonic side it winds up stepwise hence revealing the essence of the album`s core. It reminds me of the years throughout the 80s in the Soviet Union when such kind of music was played in the radio sometime between 2-5 PM. By the way, Bruno Susio is a man behind Smart Note Records, a label with the intent to distribute Italian-based soul, funk, and jazz groove all around the world. All in all, though this 19-minute issue is seemingly unpretentious the result is flawless. Love it.                   
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