Monday, September 29, 2014

Morceaux d'Ekumen / Pieces of Ekumen (2006)

/Avant-garde, Electro-acoustic, Crossover, Acousmatics, Post-rock, Experimental electronica, Glitchtronica, Folktronica, Organic electronica/

Comment: this exclusive 7-notch issue properly measures up to because of providing a sublime shift between electro-acoustic developments, folk-y dregs, borderline post-rock, glitch-y electronica and concrete music territories. The compilation demonstrates of how predominantly electronically produced music can be gentle, majestic and beatific affecting profoundly the listener`s heart and soul. The impact seems to be romantically soaked, however, following the idea of how could it be possible to bring forth more acuity in sonic details and in interactive relations. Moreover, it might be true that machines and electronic devices breathe and perceive on it. It is obvious that the total sum of it overcomes a sum of its particles and premises. There are represented such Quebec/French-Canadian artists as Milliseconde Topographie, 1 her(t)z, Urban9, Nicolas Bernier, Jacques Poulin-Denis, Jean-Francois Dessureault, and Delphine Measroch. Listen to it!
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