Saturday, August 30, 2014

A&C Download Sampler (2014)

  • Funk
  • Electro-indie
  • Alternative rock
  • Poptronica
  • Baroque pop
  • Neokrautrock
  • Indie pop

Comment: Arts & Crafts is an indie label based on Toronto, Canada whose well-known artists are or has been Bell Orchestre, The American Analogue Set, Moby, Röyksopp, Stars, The Hidden Cameras, Tricky, Los Campesinos!. The recent sampler includes such artists as NO, Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering, Kevin Drew, Lowell, Reuben and the Dark, Timber Timbre, Trust, and Zeus. Stylistically the compilation used to veer into lush indie electronic and electro pop, circumspect baroque pop, funk-inclined rock, straightforward but viable rock and roll, and even an up-to-date version of krautrock. However, the catchiest and most volatile track on it is Kevin Drew`s You In Your Were, and more pretentious and distant one is Timber Timbre`s Curtains!?. In a word, the Arts & Crafts`s sampler is compelling and worth to be enjoyed again and again. Subscribe to the label`s mailing list.      
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