Monday, May 20, 2013

Transparent Body - Black Lights From The Wandering Stars (2013)


/Ambient drone, Microtonal, Abstract, Dystopbient, Ambient noise, Minimalism, Drone, Avant-garde, Psycho-acoustic, Experimentalism/

Comment: firstly, the title says everything. Indeed, this handful of compositions is dark/black, filled in with a huge array of full and half shades, monochromatic, subdued noises and hissing drones which used to sprout, undulate and blossom in the background. Sometimes the whole resounds like a mechanical device at a short distance. Maybe the only exception is the opening track due to the exploitation of some pitch effects channelized into the mix. All these elements have been managed to result in the so-called holophonic soundscape - while you are listening to it you have been equipped with new imaginations and impressions, however, some of them might be chiming quite otherworldly and abstract. For instance, Light #4 sounds like a shimmering, mystical sea of microtonal chants, soothing brown-ish noise bits, and reverberating effects overhead. It can be assumed it is a very profound, even psychedelic experience. Indeed, less is much more you are even able to perceive. Furthermore, the density hovering above the aforementioned elements can be cut with the knife. One of the best albums in 2013 to date.
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